JBoss Profiler is a log based profiler using JVMPI and JVMTI. It uses an agent written in C that captures events from the JVM and logs to disk. A web application running on JBoss or another machine can be used to analyze these logs through a web browser.

Using log files is especially useful for server application analysis. Creating profiling snapshots without the need of a front-end near the JVM means the data can be analyzed remotely.

Imagine if your application server slows down and you don't know why. Why should you have to install a complex tool environment or have to send data through an open port, breaking firewall rules between the profiler front-end and the JVMPI/JVMTI? JBoss Profiler can be easily run though your web browser instead.

Configuring JBossProfiler is just a matter of installing MBeans and adding a simple parameter to your JVM, however If you can't figure out by our documentation, please join us in the JBoss Profiler Forum and feel free to ask questions.

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